What can Robi do?


  • Conversation

    ROBI understands basic English and Mandarin, with a speech recognition board that helps him express intelligently in various situations. His LED eyes light up when speaking, and a physical sensor detects human presence so ROBI will look at you when talking. Amazing interactivity.

  • Dance and Sing

    Entertainment indeed! ROBI can dance & sing as well as do special actions like kick a ball, wave a flag. He’s truly hip and happening with a servomotor that optimises ROBI’s movements.

  • TV Control

    ROBI can be your TV remote, with an in-built Infrared remote transmitter powering the TV and volume at your command!

  • Simple to Operate

    No complicated external software here. ROBI is designed to be easily operable – user-friendly for children & adults alike!

Understand Robi via video

Welcome home
It’s time!
Let’s dance!
The Robi Walk
Help cleaning up
Watching out for you
Turn the TV on
Robi at the dining table
Nice to meet you!
There we go

About Robi

ROBI merges the very best of robot with human. This English and Mandarin-speaking bilingual humanoid – which your family can piece together part-by-part over time – will entertain you in unimaginable ways, and performs various tasks as well. Welcome ROBI into your family now!

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Height: 34cm
Weight: 1kg

About the Magazine

Each ROBI weekly magazine features:

Robots in real life, robot designers, robotic superheroes and robot technology. Plus comprehensive yet easy-to-follow ROBI assembly, with pictorial instructions to help you every step of the way.

About the Creator

You may pre-order Robi starting from June 20th (Monday)!